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Interview Coaching.

Better Job Coaching

Our clients receive the utmost attention, respect, and privacy of each session. The goal is to discuss and discover the strengths of every client. Therefore, our coaching program consists of an assessment, self-paced assignments, a final report, and providing support through the entire process to help clients start a career. The assessment includes a total of 60 questions to assist clients in deciding what type of careers they might want to explore and what careers are most suitable for their personality and skills. Thus, we offer a job coaching package, interview training, and a resume session to identify the weaknesses and strengths of clients.

$ 225 Interview Coaching
* 1 Interview Session (1Hr) * Job Opportunity Discussion or Job Title Discussion * Role-Play Interview
* Feedback and Recommendations * Resume Review and Discussion * Clients Final Questions * Clients Receive a Copy of Interview Q/A.
Offer Military/Family Specials and Referral Incentives. Contact Us Today!
“Networking and persistence is the key to your success to produce astonishing results.

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