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Résumé Process/Samples.

Résumé Samples
Branding Rèsumès Samples are crafted to fit our clients unique experiences. We can develop a newly, rewarding, and appealing résumé for you too! The Process it takes to make a Winning Résumé includes:
  1. Intense Telephone Consultation
  2. Résumé/Document/Profile Design and Creation
  3. Client Document Review for any changes
  4. Send Final Documents (Electronic Resume-Microsoft Word) and Let’s Put you out There!

Quality resumes take time, so if you are looking for same-day service, we are not for you. Thus, we customize each client’s cover letter and resume to probe their unique background to highlight their experiences, education, and successes with our professional approach. Our professional resumes are created with integrity, dedication, and diligence to focus on the clients’ achievements, which strengthens their resume context.
Yes, you need a cover letter as it is more personal and will provide a link between your background and the job requirements. *We have a 90% success rate for our clients receiving interviews after proactively applying and customizing their resume and cover letter to jobs, which match their skills.

We serve a range of clients which include College Level, Entry Level, Mid-Level, Executive, Director, Regional, and More. Branding Resumes develops various occupational résumés to include Administration, Electrical Engineering, Sales, Warehouse, Healthcare, IT, QA, Education, Finance, Communication, Leasing, Customer Service, Automotive, Operations Management, Logistics, Retail, Hospitality, and More.

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